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Master Degree in Public Health, Academy for Educational Development, AED Indonesia, USA



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi Master Degree in Public Health, Academy for Educational Development, AED Indonesia, USA, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang Master Degree in Public Health, Academy for Educational Development, AED Indonesia, USA seperti dibawah ini:

Master Degree in Public Health, Academy for Educational Development, AED Indonesia, USA

Master’s programs in the U.S. from accredited schools of public health with an emphasis on:
a. Principles of public health and epidemiology, including methods of prevention and eradication of infectious diseases;
b. Maternal child health and reproductive health;
c. Health system strengthening: decentralization, health financing/economics, policy and planning, and advocacy;
d. Emerging disease and emerging infectious disease;
e. Veterinary and animal health (for veterinary public health);
f. Biosecurity and good farming practices;
g. Health communication and health promotion;
h. Laboratory programs.

The objective of this program is to support future leaders in public health to attain graduate degrees from US institutions in public health. Participants will study the principles of public health from an international health perspective becoming conversant with:

a. The latest evidence-based interventions to:
- improve primary health care of mothers, children, and communities,
- establish health system capacity development,
- improve bio-security and surveillance systems.
b. Health system capacity development issues including human resource management, health financing, decentralization and governance, program management, quality assurance, environmental health, and behavior change and communication.
c. Mastering the technical tools applied in surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of health programs, bio-statistical and epidemiological analysi, and public health research.

Target Participants:
Eligible candidates may come from the Ministry of Health (central, province, and district); Ministry of Agriculture (central, province and district); Menkokesra/Bappenas; civil society groups (e.g. medical professional associations, NGOs, health advocacy groups, foundations, hospital administration), health professionals working in the development sector with international or local organizations; clinicians and faculty from schools of public health and/or preventive or community medicine tracks within medical schools at accredited Indonesian universities.

Every attempt will be made to balance candidate selection by gender, geographic affiliation, and public and private sector employment background affiliation.

Technical Qualifications:
Candidates with prior training and work experience in public health or related fields will be given preference. Specific preferred areas of prior work experience include, but are not limited to:
a. Maternal or neonatal mortality prevention,
b. TB control,
c. Prevention and eradication of disease,
d. Health promotion,
e. Behavior change communication,
f. Advocacy for animal and public health,
g. National public health program implementation,
h. Health governance – finance, policy analysis,
i. Health care management – quality of care,
j. Advocacy for health.

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