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4th World Biennal of Student Poster 2010



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi 4th World Biennal of Student Poster 2010, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang 4th World Biennal of Student Poster 2010 seperti dibawah ini:

4th World Biennal of Student Poster 2010

The Fourth World Biennial of Student Poster, organized by the University of Novi Sad and the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, is open to all undergraduate and graduate students of art colleges where the discipline of poster art is a part of the curriculum. According to the statute of the Fourth World Biennial of Student Poster a thematic competition is proposed as a contest segment of the Biennial. Only students at academies and colleges of arts where the discipline of poster art is part of the curriculum have the right to participate at the competition. One can take part with three works at most. All posters must represent the student`s work performed within the last two school years and verified by the professors` signature.

A Free subject: posters made during the last two school years as a part of the curriculum
B Field: Social poster

Obligatory text at the poster: Play fair – No flame play

Awards and Prizes

A Categories
The 1st prize winner gets the right to organize a solo exhibition at the next Biennial with ten (10) posters an optional choice. The prizes and awards consist of: monetary prizes, plaques and certificates.

Student prizes:
  • 1st prize ……. €1500
  • 2nd prize ……. €800
  • 3rd prize ……. €400
Equipment compensation:
  • 1st ……. €200
  • 2nd ……. €200
  • 3rd ……. €200
B Categories
The jury will select the winners and award them the prizes, the amount of which will be announced later on. The competition theme is supported and financed by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of the Republic of Serbia.

Appliance Procedures
All received posters will become a part of a special Biennial`s collection at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and can be used in didactic purposes. They will be presented at the Biennial`s web site. By filling in the application form, the entrants accept the terms of the organizer of the Biennial exhibition.

The Selection Board is entitled to reject those works that are not in agreement with the undisputed world standards on human rights to identity, nation, religion, language and the like. The organizers of the Biennial have no authorities to transfer any rights to third party in the sense of using and reproduction of works from the Biennial. The entrants accept that their work can be used in non-commercial purposes as well as in the promotion of the Biennial.

Submission procedures
Poster entries MUST be submitted via website as digital files, using the online entry form (http://www.studentbiennial-ns.com/2010/html/formular.html). Through the electronic submission process, an entry form and labels will be automatically generated. Information on the entry form will be used in the exhibition`s catalog and other Biennial publications.

  • All posters will be submitted digitally through the Web site http://www.studentbiennial-ns.com
  • The high-resolution version should be JPG – quality 10, CMYK – 8 Bits/channel, 2756 x 3937 pixel or PDF, CMYK, 70 x 100 cm, 100 pixels/inch
  • DO NOT SEND PRINTED COPIES. The WBESP will make print-outs for jury review, as well as exhibition prints of winning posters.
  • Each student can participate with three (3) posters.(each category)
  • All the entry works must be created with Typography.(B-Special category)

Djure Jaksica 7
21000 Novi Sad

The deadline for this conteste is 10th October 2010.

Official Website

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