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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships



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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

Canada is building world-class research capacity by recruiting top-tier doctoral students, both nationally and internationally, who will positively contribute to our economic, social and research-based growth for a prosperous future. To promote this world-class excellence, the Government of Canada has created the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) program. Once in full operation, this program will support 500 international and Canadian doctoral students with highly prestigious scholarships.

The Vanier CGS program reaffirms Canada as a global centre of excellence in research and education. The program supports Canada`s science and technology policy direction, which capitalizes on people, strengthens knowledge and encourages entrepreneurial advantages in order to build a competitive Canada.

The scholarships are administered by Canada`s three federal granting agencies: the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

The Vanier CGS program aims to attract and retain world-class doctoral students by supporting students who demonstrate both leadership skills and a high standard of scholarly achievement in graduate studies in social sciences and humanities, natural sciences and engineering, and health. Canadian and international students are eligible to be nominated for a Vanier CGS. In an effort to support students in broadening their research horizons and seeking new challenges, the Vanier CGS program strongly encourages candidates to pursue their studies beyond the university that granted their undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Value and Duration
A Vanier CGS is valued at $50,000 per year for three years.

When can the award be taken up?
Award recipients must take up their award in the first semester (May or September) following the announcement of results if they:
  • have already undertaken their doctoral program of study at the Canadian nominating university;
  • have already undertaken a doctoral program of study at a Canadian university and will be transferring to a doctoral program at the Canadian nominating university.

Award recipients can take their award up in May, September or January following the announcement of results if they:
  • have not yet started a doctoral program of study;
  • will transfer from a doctoral program at an international university to a doctoral program at the Canadian nominating university.

Competition timelines
ResearchNet electronic application system activated: early August 2010
Deadline for candidates to submit their Vanier CGS application to their university: see university internal deadlines

University deadline for submitting nominations: October 20, 2010

Results communicated to nominating university and candidates: early April 2011

Eligibility for Nomination
To be considered for a Vanier CGS, you must:
  • be nominated by only one Canadian university, which must have received a Vanier CGS allocation;
  • be seeking financial support to pursue your first doctoral degree (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD);
  • intend to pursue, in the summer semester or the academic year following the announcement of results, full-time doctoral (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD) studies and research at the nominating university;
  • have completed no more than 20 months of doctoral studies as of May 1, 2011 (see Notes below);
  • have achieved a first-class average, as determined by your university, in each of the last two years of full-time study or equivalent;
  • not have already received a doctoral-level scholarship or fellowship from SSHRC, NSERC or CIHR to undertake or complete a doctoral degree (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD).
Eligibility to Hold an Award
Without exception, Vanier CGS awards are tenable only at the eligible Canadian university that submitted the nomination.

To hold the award, the candidate must:
  • be registered as a full-time student at the nominating Canadian institution, and be pursuing a doctoral degree (or combined MA/PhD or MD/PhD);
  • remain enrolled and demonstrate continued satisfactory progress in doctoral program.
Part-time studies
A Vanier CGS may be held by students who are registered part time because of a disability. For this purpose, disability is defined as “a functional limitation resulting from a physical, sensory, or mental impairment, which, for an indefinite period, affects the ability of the student to perform the activities necessary to participate fully in his or her learning.” For eligible part-time students, Vanier CGS award funding will be equivalent to a full-time award spread over a longer period of time.

Canadian federal government employees are eligible to hold a scholarship only if on an unpaid leave of absence (no salary or special allowances permitted).

More Information
For more information regarding applying to the Vanier CGS program, please contact:
Email: info@vanier.gc.ca
Tel.: 1-613-943-7777

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