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PhD scholarship in radiochemistry at Technical University of Denmark



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi PhD scholarship in radiochemistry at Technical University of Denmark, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang PhD scholarship in radiochemistry at Technical University of Denmark seperti dibawah ini:

PhD scholarship in radiochemistry at Technical University of Denmark

Applications are invited from enthusiastic and talented individuals for a PhD scholarship in radiochemistry at the Hevesy Laboratory at Risø DTU.

The Hevesy Laboratory is a radiochemical and radiopharmaceutical facility at Risø DTU. The laboratory has a 16.5 MeV cyclotron equipped with a beam line for in-house production of isotopes, including 18F for PET scanning. The research laboratories and clean rooms feature state of the art equipment for radioactive and stable isotope chemistry.

At present, we are 20 people in a multidisciplinary team, working with both research and production. Among the research activities currently conducted are 18F chemistry, tritium chemistry and Auger emitting nuclides for therapy.

Drawing on recent advances in organic-, organometallic- and radiochemistry the successful candidate will explore new methods of 18F-C bond formation using 18F fluoride. The research will also include the development of new methodologies for extraction of 18F-fluoride from target water and converting it into an efficient fluorination source.

Candidates should have (or be about to obtain) a master`s degree in engineering, radiochemistry, organic- or organometallic chemistry or a similar degree with an academic level equivalent to the master`s degree in engineering. The candidate should also demonstrate a strong commitment to research.

Approval and Enrolment The scholarships for the PhD degree are subject to academic approval, and the candidates will be enrolled in one of the general degree programmes of DTU. For information about the general requirements for enrolment and the general planning of the scholarship studies, please see the DTU PhD Guide.

Salary and appointment terms
The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the current rules for PhD degree students. The period of employment is 3 years.

Further information
You are welcome to contact Senior Researcher Fedor Zhuravlev, +45 4677 5337 or Head of Hevesy Laboratory Palle Rasmussen, +45 7677 5332 .

The application deadline is 1 September 2010. Please open the link "apply for this job online" and fill in the application form and attach the following documents: 1) a Cover Letter, 2) a CV, including list of publications, 3) a copy of your academic transcripts.

All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Source: http://www.dtu.dk/English/About_DTU/vacancies.aspx?guid=5df74c2e-1cf3-4ac7-a996-c04b017e51cc

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