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Max F. Perutz International PhD Program Vienna 2010



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi Max F. Perutz International PhD Program Vienna 2010, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang Max F. Perutz International PhD Program Vienna 2010 seperti dibawah ini:

Max F. Perutz International PhD Program Vienna 2010

The Max F. Perutz Laboratories invite talented students from all over the world to apply for our graduate program. We provide a comprehensive and challenging PhD education. At the MFPL we emphasize student mentoring and aim to nurture creative and independent scientists. Our research covers a broad range of areas dedicated to exploring life at the cellular, molecular and atomic level. Located at the Vienna Biocenter Campus, a major European science hub, our students greatly benefit from the opportunity to do cutting-edge research in a prolific international environment.

The Max F. Perutz Labs are a joint-venture of the University of Vienna and the Medical University of Vienna. All MFPL PhD students are employed with an internationally competitive salary according to the guidelines of the Austrian Research Funds (FWF). The program is open to everyone who holds a Master`s degree (or equivalent degree) in the biosciences, chemistry, medicine, or related fields. The language of the PhD Program is English. Students are recruited by a structured selection and interview process. The PhD degree will be awarded by the Vienna University or the Medical University of Vienna

This year`s winter selection is jointly organized with the special Doctoral Program in RNA Biology at the MFPL.
Application deadline: 26th September 2010.

The program is open to students who hold a Master`s degree in the biosciences, chemistry, medicine, or related fields, or expect to finish their master study early in 2011. Candidates above 30 years will not be considered.

Admission to the MFPL Graduate School is competitive, and solely carried out through a centralized selection procedure. Please note that applications can only be accepted via the online application system within the announced deadline. Late or incomplete applications are not accepted. Your participation during the interview procedure in Vienna is essential if you wish to be considered for admission to the program.

Evaluation of applications
The first evaluation takes into account the applicants` national education system, and is carried out by a committee of MFPL group leaders. Applications of candidates which meet the requirements are recommended for further assessment by the Selection Committee, which jointly shortlists the candidates to be invited for a 4 days` period of interviews in Vienna. Invitations are sent 5-6 weeks in advance.

How to apply
Only applications submitted electronically via the Online Application System will be accepted. Applications submitted by fax, email or mail can not be considered.

A completed application consists of:
  • the filled-in online application form;
  • certificates, transcripts, marksheets and other supporting documents uploaded to the online application form;
  • two confidential recommendation letters to be submitted by the referees directly to us. Download the Guideline for Referees and forward it to your referees.
Please note that we only accept references provided through institutional email accounts. In cases where the referee only holds a `hotmail`, `gmail` etc. account, ask your referee to send a reference letter on institutional headed paper as a PDF document to positions@mfpl.ac.at. It is your responsibility to ensure that references reach us on time.

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