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Master Scholaship in Physics at Blaise Pascal University


Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi Master Scholaship in Physics at Blaise Pascal University, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang Master Scholaship in Physics at Blaise Pascal University seperti dibawah ini:

Master Scholaship in Physics at Blaise Pascal University

Blaise Pascal University is opening the second year of its Master of Physics of Nanostructures to scientifically confirmed foreign students.

Advanced theoretical courses includes:
  • Light-Matter Interaction in Semiconductor Nanostructures
  • Physics of Advanced Nanostructures
  • Physics of Photonic Crystals: Towards Nanophotonics
  • Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces
  • Physics of Crystal Growth
  • Optical and Electronic Spectroscopy of Nanostructures
  • Symmetries in Physics
  • Computational Quantum Mechanics
  • Dosimetry and Radioprotection

The research training will take place in a laboratory on the Clermont-Ferrand Campus, which offers all the modern facilities to conduct high level scientific research. It has been officially ranked A+ (best 10%) among other French labs.

  • Students having completed four years of University studies in Physics (Master 1st year successfully finished);
  • Good command of the English language.
Three best applications will have the tuition fees offered by the University and will each receive a scholarship of 2000 euros.

Application procedure
All interested applicants should submit following documents:
  1. filled registration form;
  2. statement of purpose;
  3. detailed CV (resume);
  4. list of University marks for the last 3 years of study and the copies of the diploma obtained (with a certified translation);
  5. recommendation letter from your professor (confidential, in a sealed envelope);
  6. recent photograph;
  7. copy of your passport.
All the application need to be submitted to:

Michèle CHADELAS – Université Blaise Pascal
UFR Sciences et Technologies
Laboratoire de Physique Corpusculaire de Clermont-Ferrand / CNRS
24 avenue des Landais
BP 80026

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