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Master Scholarships, University of Glamorgan, UK


Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi Master Scholarships, University of Glamorgan, UK, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang Master Scholarships, University of Glamorgan, UK seperti dibawah ini:

Master Scholarships, University of Glamorgan, UK

UK and European Union graduates with a first or upper second class honours degree (or equivalent qualification) can apply for a non-means tested scholarship worth £1,500 or £2,000. The scholarship applies to most of our full-time taught masters courses at the University of Glamorgan starting in the autumn of 2010.

Please note that scholarships are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis. If you have any queries regarding this scholarship, please contact the Student Money Service, in Student Services.
Tel: 01443 483778
Email: scholarships[at]glam.ac.uk

Application criteria and Scholarship details
To qualify for a scholarship an applicant (home or EU) will need to fulfil all of the following criteria.
Successful applicants must:

* Ensure that their application reaches the Student Money Service by the advertised deadline. Applicants and not the University (or its staff) are entirely responsible for meeting this element of the criteria.
* Gain a first class honours degree or an upper second class honours degree or equivalent qualification (students with qualifications gained from outside the UK will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis)
* Be offered a place on an eligible taught masters course, accept this offer and enrol on the course within the appropriate timeframe.

Further conditions

* Graduates with a first class honours degree or an upper second class honours issued by the University of Glamorgan or Polytechnic of Wales may apply for a scholarship totaling £2,000.
* Graduates from other Universities may apply for a scholarship totaling £1,500.
* Successful scholarship applicants will be informed once they have accepted a place on an eligible course. As these scholarships will be granted on a first-come first-served basis, applicants are advised to confirm their place on an eligible course as soon as possible.
* Scholarship applications may be submitted prior to the announcement of degree results but the scholarship will only be confirmed following acceptance by the student of a place on an eligible course, and provision of suitable evidence clearly demonstrating their first class or upper second class honours degree.
* Students with qualifications from outside of the UK will be dealt with on an individual basis.
* To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must have a first class honours degree or an upper second class honours degree or equivalent qualification. Equivalence will be determined by the University of Glamorgan whose decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
* Students repeating a course at the University of Glamorgan will not be eligible for a scholarship. (Students granted mitigating circumstances by the University will be considered on an individual basis).
* Students who have previously received any payment from a University of Glamorgan postgraduate scholarship, will not be eligible to apply for another scholarship to study a different eligible course.
* These scholarships are not payable with any other form of support from public funds e.g. directly from any other Welsh Assembly Government initiative or objective one funding.
* The scholarship will be paid directly into successful applicants’ bank account via BACS with £1,000 or £1,500 payable approximately 4 months after successfully enrolling and studying on the course. The remaining £500 will be provided after successful completion of the masters, within the standard time allowed.

Eligible Postgraduate Courses
MSc Accounting
MSc Audit
MSc Engineering Management
MSc Entrepreneurship (Female Entrepreneurships)
MSc Forensic Audit and Accounting
MSc Human Resource Management
MSc Construction Project Management
MSc Real Estate Studies
MSc Safety, Health and Environmental Management
MSc Total Quality
MSc Building Services Engineering
MSc Computing
MSc Computer Forensics
MSc Computer Science
MSc Computer Systems Engineering
MSc Computer Systems Security
MSc Intelligent Computer Systems
MSc Intelligent Computer Games Development
MSc Internet Computing

For further information regarding the postgraduate scholarship scheme, including details on how to apply, go to our FAQs

Application deadline: 17 September 2010

You can apply online or alternatively you can contact the Student Money Service on 01443 483778 or email scholarships@glam.ac.uk and request a form.

University of Glamorgan
Pontypridd, CF37 1DL, UK.

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