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European Masters in Lifelong Learning at Erasmus Mundus

The rationale of the Masters of Lifelong Learning is to increase the awareness of European Lifelong Learning policies in a regional European context as well as on a global scale. It aims to provide policy-makers and professionals with responsibility for managing, delivering or supporting Lifelong Learning with opportunities to develop their own analysis and practice in what is a constantly changing economic, social, technological and policy environment.


  • a good first degree (humanities or social sciences) from a recognised institution of higher education
  • a satisfactory level of spoken and written English: IELTS 7.0 and TOEFL 650 (written paper test)

The Master of Lifelong Learning seeks to form professionals able to:
  • Design and develop educational policies concerned with Lifelong Learning
  • Promote innovation processes within Lifelong Learning systems suited to the social and organisational contexts in which they are to be undertaken, so as to facilitate change and social transformation
  • Develop competences required in order to mediate between the educational community and the needs of the local environment
  • Advise organisations on the planning, implementing, evaluating, supervising and control of training mechanisms in Lifelong Learning
  • Take part in the new developments and reforms taking place in Europe in accordance with the Bologna and Copenhagen process
  • Integrate ICT and e-learning as a tool in educational programmes etc.

Scholarship amounts to 21,000 Euro per academic year. This includes 10 monthly grants of 1,600 Euro and a fixed amount of 5,000 Euro for fees, travel expenses, relocation costs, etc. For courses lasting two years, the student receives double this amount, i.e. 42,000 Euro.

Application procedure
# All interested applicants should submit following documents: student application form (incl. photo)
# certified copy of 1st degree
# IELTS/TOEFL certificate
# CV
# letter of recommendation (reference)
# qualification essay
For application forms, please contact the Consortium Office at malll@dpu.dk

The application deadline is 1st December 2010.
For further information please contact the Erasmus Mundus Administration malll@dpu.dk

More detailed info about scholarship offer
European Masters in Lifelong Learning


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