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The Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowship


Symantec will award Symantec Research Labs Graduate Fellowships to outstanding Ph.D. and M.S. students who meet the eligibility criteria listed below. A key goal of the program is to fund innovative research that has real-world value, in areas of Symantec’s business interests in information security, availability, and integrity.
Fellowship participants also gain first hand research and development experience through guidance and mentorship from a top scientist of Symantec Research Labs during the fellowship period. Each participant is also encouraged to spend a summer working with their mentor at Symantec on a research project in their area of interest.
Provisions of the Award

* In the US, the fellowship award will cover 100% of tuition and fees for the recipient’s graduate
school in the US. A stipend is provided to cover living expenses while in school
* In Europe, a stipend is provided to cover research and living expenses while in school.
* Mentors from Symantec Research Labs are paired with award recipients. The mentor is a top
researcher who can provide ongoing technical guidance on the recipient’s research, during their
graduate training as well as during summer internships at Symantec.
* All recipients will be encouraged to take a salaried summer internship with Symantec Research
Labs (Mountain View, CA, Culver City, CA, or Sophia Antipolis, France).
* Each recipient will be given a laptop preloaded with Symantec software.
* Fellowships are awarded to recipients for one academic year and may be extended for a second
year, based on the award recipient`s continued exceptional academic standing, progress and
achievement. Any such extensions will be granted solely at Symantec`s discretion.

Eligibility Criteria

* Applying students must attend a U.S. or European university in a Ph.D. or Master’s program
focused on technology research. Exceptional graduating undergraduate seniors may also apply
and final award is contingent on their acceptance to a graduate program.
* Preference will be given to students with a desire to work in an industrial research lab and
those working on research projects likely to have real-world practical value to customers, in
areas related to Symantec’s businesses of information security, availability, and integrity.
* Recipients will also be selected based on their overall potential for research excellence and
their academic progress to-date as evidenced by publications.
* The scholarship awards will be made through the university and are not transferable to
another academic institution.

Required Application Information

* Applications should be submitted as a single compressed file (.zip file) and must include the
following: A completed fellowship application form including a personal statement of research
interests not to exceed 500 words. Applicants are strongly encouraged to articulate the
practical value to customers of their proposed research areas.
* A C.V. and thesis proposal (optional).
* Three letters of recommendation from professors or industry researchers who can evaluate
the applicant`s scientific aptitude and potential for research (may be sent confidentially, please
see application form for instructions) .
* Incomplete applications cannot be considered and we cannot guarantee notification of
incompleteness. Please make sure applications are complete.

Application Dates and Process

* Fellowship applications will be accepted beginning July.
* Application deadline will be December 18 2010.
* As part of the application process, some candidates may be contacted for telephone interviews.
* The final award decisions will be announced in February.

Contact detail: SRLFellowship@Symantec.com
MOreinfo: http://www.symantec.com/about/careers/college/fellowship.jsp


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