Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Sheikh Kamal Adham Fellowship

The Sheikh Kamal Adham fellowship is awarded annually to one qualified graduate student who is a candidate for the Graduate Diploma in Electronic Journalism in the Journalism and Mass Communication Department.


  • Financial need
  • Academic performance in the program
  • Professional experience is also considered where applicable

  • One year (two regular semesters).

The fellowship covers:
  • A waiver of tuition fees.
  • Recipient will serve as assistant in the Adham Center for 80 hours per month during the academic year, assisting in the Center`s projects and research under the supervision of the Center`s Director.

To Apply
To apply and for additional information, contact the assistant to the director of the Kamal Adham Center for Electronic Journalism, tel. (2-02) 797-5424, e--mail: gnashar@aucegypt.edu.

Source: http://www1.aucegypt.edu/academic/gradstudies/fellowships/adham.htm


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