Kamis, 29 Juli 2010

Postdoctoral Scholarship in artificial light and ecosystems at Wageningen University

A post-doc, who will be responsible for the day to day running of the project to assess the impact of artificial light on flora and fauna a large-scale project has been funded by STW, Philips and the NAM.

The project will be carried out jointly by the Nature Conservation and Plant Ecology Group at Wageningen University (NCP-WU) and the Animal Ecology Department of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), in close collaboration with the Netherlands Society for Research on Flora and Fauna (VOFF), Philips Lighting and the NAM.

Especially the collection and analysis of the data from a large scale experiment on 40 different sites are the tasks for the post-doc. After a base line year, these sites will be randomly assigned to different light treatments. Flora and fauna around these sites will be monitored by the VOFF. The two PhD students will carry out in-depth projects on the impact of artificial light, closely linked to the large scale project.

Enthusiastic candidates with a PhD in Ecology or equivalent, experience with large scale data sets, statistical analysis methods and affinity for field work, as evidenced by publications, good social skills and a thorough knowledge of the Dutch flora and fauna.

Research Fields


A temporary position of 0.8 fte for 36 months with possible prolongation of another 12 months, max salary is € 3.755,-- (based on a full-time position).

Additional information about these positions are available upon request from Prof. Marcel E. Visser (m.visser@nioo.knaw.nl or 026-4791253) and from Prof. F. Berendse (F.berendse@wur.nl 0317-484973) or Dr. Elmar M. Veenendaal (Elmar.veenendaal@wur.nl 0317-483815 ).

More information about the NIOO can be found at www.nioo.knaw.nl , about the WUR at www.wur.nl and the VOFF at www.voff.nl.


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