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PhD Scholarship from Water Quality Research Australia



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi PhD Scholarship from Water Quality Research Australia, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang PhD Scholarship from Water Quality Research Australia seperti dibawah ini:

PhD Scholarship from Water Quality Research Australia

WQRA PhD Scholarships are awarded to students with exceptional research potential undertaking a higher degree by research. WQRA provides students with the opportunity to enhance their research skills and professional development to a point that makes them a valuable and employable asset to the water industry.

Nancy Millis PhD Scholarship – offered annually:
This prestigious award has been established in honour of Emeritus Professor Nancy Millis AC MBE, former Chair of the CRC for Water Quality and Treatment.

Professor Millis, widely regarded as a national treasure, is a microbiologist of international repute who has made enormous contributions in agriculture, environmental protection, medicine and engineering. Nancy Millis was only the fourth woman to be appointed as a Professor at the University of Melbourne, her achievements recognised with the award of a personal chair in 1982. From 1980 to 2000, she chaired the Federal Government`s genetic engineering surveillance committees (RDMC and GMAC), which established guidelines that have become models for other countries in our region.

Nancy Millis is also a leader in environmental management. As a researcher she was aware early of the importance of clean water and developed techniques to treat industrial wastewater. In 1992, Professor Millis was appointed the first female Chancellor of La Trobe University. She was Chair of the Victorian Government`s Water Strategy Committee advising on the supply and use of water for the Melbourne area. Nancy was the Chairman of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Quality and Treatment from 1995 until it ended in 2008. Her integrity, persistence, forthrightness and the ability to collaborate with others to achieve a successful outcome are some of her outstanding characteristics. In 1977, she became a Member of the British Empire (MBE) and in 1990 was made a Companion of the Order of Australia (AC).

Award Benefits:

* Stipend - $10,000 per annum
* Up to $25,000 operating allowance over term of scholarship
* National and International Conference Support
* Orientation session
* Mentoring Support
* Networking opportunities with key leaders within the National and International Water
* Additional Professional Development opportunities
* Attendance at additional overseas conferences

WQRA Scholarships - 5 available commencing 2011

* Stipend - $5,000 per annum
* Up to $15,000 operating allowance over the term of scholarship
* National and International Conferences
* Professional Development opportunities
* Networking opportunities
* Mentoring Support
* Orientation session

Application Procedures for Nancy Millis and WQRA Scholarships

All applicants will be considered for both the Nancy Millis Award and the WQRA Scholarships. A sub-committee including Emeritus Professor Millis will assess the applications and select the successful applicant(s) for each category of scholarship.

All applicants must also lodge an application for a full stipend scholarship at the host university for the relevant project. If applying for WQRA Scholarships at more than one University, it is necessary to apply for a full stipend at each University.

Prospective applicants are advised to contact the Supervisors listed for each project to discuss their interest and suitability prior to submitting an application.

Applications to WQRA for the scholarships must be according to the guidelines as detailed on the website. All essential criteria must be met to be considered.

Shortlisted students must be available to address an interview panel on 8 December 2010.

WQRA Scholarships is awarded conditional to student securing an APA or equivalent primary scholarship.

WQRA reserves the right not to award the scholarships.

Enquiries and Applications for Nancy Millis Award and WQRA Scholarships to: carolyn.bellamy@wqra.com.au

PhD Scholarships commencing 2011:

1 June 2010
Call for PhD Projects
30 July 2010 Closing date for PhD Projects
7 September 2010 PhD Student Applications Open
29 October 2010 PhD Student Applications Close
08 December 2010 PhD student interviews
February 2011 Student orientation day & WQRA February Members meeting

Click on the link to access:
COR003 - WQRA Policy for Education Program Funding
PRO-008 WQRA Procedure - Application Process PhD Initiative

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