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PhD positions in mobile networking at IIT-CNR Pisa



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi PhD positions in mobile networking at IIT-CNR Pisa, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang PhD positions in mobile networking at IIT-CNR Pisa seperti dibawah ini:

PhD positions in mobile networking at IIT-CNR Pisa

The Ubiquitous Internet Group of IIT-CNR (Institute for Informatics and Telematics of the National Research Council), Pisa, Italy opens 2 fully funded PhD Student positions in the framework of the FP7 FET-AWARE RECOGNITION project due to start on 1st October 2010.
The PhD students will be supervised by Marco Conti and Andrea Passarella.

RECOGNITION aims to develop innovative, groundbreaking self-awareness paradigms for the Future Internet, looking primarily at content-centric networking aspects. The massive scale of content the Future Internet will have to manage and the long tail of user interests require novel content management solutions. Specifically, RECOGNITION will identify, design and evaluate the self-awareness mechanisms to support a global network where the legacy Internet will be replaced by a more fluid content-centric infrastructure where data are often located on mobile users` devices possibly disconnected from the network, and where content access, rather than connectivity, will be the key design goal.

The PhD thesis will focus on one or more of the following topics:

* definition of self-awareness mechanisms for heterogeneous (mobile/fixed) content-centric networks
* content dissemination in massive scale heterogeneous (mobile/fixed) networks
* social/human inspired self-aware networking paradigms
* self-aware content management, indexing and acquisition in massive scale heterogeneous (mobile/fixed) networks.

The ideal candidate for these positions holds a MSc (or an equivalent degree) in Computer Science or Computer Engineering with a solid background on computer networking and mobile computing. Experience either in systems design or in analysis (applied to mobile networks) will be positively considered. Experience in simulation of computer networks will be a plus. Good knowledge of English is also desired. Closing date for applications: September, 15th 2010 (or as soon as the positions are filled)
Expected start date: October 2010

# Each application must contain the following documents: a detailed CV in English
# a list of relevant academic courses (with grades)
# a list of 1 or 2 references with contact addresses
# a 1-page research statement, indicating the experience/interest with respect to the proposed topics

Applications should be sent electronically to:
m.conti@iit.cnr.it and a.passarella@ iit.cnr.it

with subject "application for PhD positions - RECOGNITION".

For more information, please contact:
Marco Conti
Research Director
IIT-CNR, Pisa, Italy

Andrea Passarella
IIT-CNR, Pisa, Italy

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