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[Switzerland] PostDoc Position in Carbon Nanotube based Composites at EMPA


Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi [Switzerland] PostDoc Position in Carbon Nanotube based Composites at EMPA, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang [Switzerland] PostDoc Position in Carbon Nanotube based Composites at EMPA seperti dibawah ini:

[Switzerland] PostDoc Position in Carbon Nanotube based Composites at EMPA

Empa is an interdisciplinary research and services institution for material sciences and technology development within the ETH Domain. Its Laboratory for Mechanical Systems Engineering is looking for strengthening its composite materials development activities and offers a

Postdoc position in Carbon Nanotube based Composites

The work will focus on the development of nano-particle modified fibre reinforced polymer composites by modification of the system with nano-particles, specifically carbon nano-tubes (CNT). The purpose of the project led by the candidate is to improve resin dominated properties of fibre composite materials, like ILSS, toughness and impact resistance. The work will cover aspects such as functionalisation of the fillers, processing issues and characterisation from the nano- to the macroscopic scale.

The ideal candidate (m/f) is a communicative chemist, chemical engineer, material scientist or physicist with a PhD degree. The candidate should bring practical experience in the field ofnanocomposites, including the specific characterisation methods, preferably on CNT-epoxy systems. Furthermore, the candidate should already have lead a scientific project.

The position is immediately available and the planned project duration three years. Please send your application including a short statement of research interests, CV, list of publications and names and addresses of two academic references.

For further information please contact
Dr. Michel Barbezat,
+41 44 823 44 98
michel.barbezat@empa.ch. Also see www.empa.ch/abt117.

Please submit your application online www.empa.ch/jobs.

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