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PhD Positions at University of Bologna, Italy



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi PhD Positions at University of Bologna, Italy, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang PhD Positions at University of Bologna, Italy seperti dibawah ini:

PhD Positions at University of Bologna, Italy

Call for applications
XXVI Cycle - Academic Year 2010/2011

DEADLINE: 22nd June 2010

The official announcement is in Italian only. This document cannot be used for
legal purposes.
Please refer to the official announcement published in:
Any changes and integrations will be available at the above mentioned address.
No written communication shall be given about exam dates, competition results
and beginning and deadline for the enrolment: publicity will be provided only by
the above mentioned official website.

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna has published the announcement for
the admission to the following doctoral courses:

Doctorate School in Scienze Economiche e Statistiche (Economics and Statistics):

Coordinator Prof. Daniela Cocchi

Coordinator Prof. Federico Munari

Doctorate School in Scienze Umanistiche (Humanities):

Coordinator Prof. Renzo Tosi

Coordinator Prof. Anna Paola Soncini

Coordinator Prof. Guglielmo Pescatore

Coordinator Prof. Giuliano Pancaldi

Coordinator Prof. Angela Donati

All information regarding the competition (research topics, number of positions,
admission requirements, selection procedure and criteria) are made available in
each Research Doctorate table
Courses will start only if at least three students will enrol, two of which
receiving a scholarship.

The above mentioned XXVI Cycle doctoral courses will start on 1st October 2010
and have a duration of three years.

Application requirements
In order to participate in the competition, candidates must hold:
 an Italian university degree (vecchio ordinamento - 4 years);
 an Italian university degree (laurea specialistica/magistrale - 3+2
 an academic degree awarded by a foreign institution/University,
validated as equivalent to an Italian degree by the relevant academic

The above mentioned degrees must have been awarded within the deadline of this
announcement (22/06/2010). Candidates whose degree is awarded after the deadline
of the announcement will be admitted sub condicione. In such a case, by
30/09/2010, they must provide written evidence that such degree has been
achieved. Failing to prove that will result in the exclusion from the doctoral

In order to obtain the acknowledgement by the Teachers' Board and for the sole
purposes of the admission, applicants having a 4-years foreign University degree
must attach to the application form a copy of the University degree with the
complete list of exams translated into Italian or English.
Other additional documents, duly certified and translated into Italian or
English, which may be judged appropriate for the purposes of the evaluation
(Diploma Supplement, European Curriculum Vitae Format, courses, programmes,
exams, etc.), can be also attached.

If successful and willing to enrol, candidates must deliver the original copy of
the University degree and the "Dichiarazione di valore in loco" issued by the
Italian Embassy or Consulate in the Country where such degree has been awarded.

How to apply
In order to apply candidates must:
1. go to www.almawelcome.unibo.it;
2. click on "English version" on the left;
3. follow the instructions to log in;
4. choose "Admission test registration" and choose Dottorato in the next page;
5. choose the doctoral course of interest from the list available;
6. fill in the form with personal data;
7. print the documents clicking on "PRINT YOUR DOCUMENTS IN PDF FORMAT";
8. fill in and sign the Application form - Annex 1 to Research Doctorate XXVI
9. pay € 42,00 as application fee no later than June, 22nd 2010 (failure to
comply with this deadline will result in the exclusion from the competition) by
one of the following means:
a) online, by credit card (even if not the personal one): Visa, Mastercard,
Diners, American Express;
b) at UniCredit Banca ONLY (please use the payment code available online) – no
other bank is authorised to receive such payment.
Under no circumstances can the application fee be reimbursed.

By 22nd June 2010, applicants must deliver the paper copies of their application
(Registration form - Scheda riepilogativa, Application form - Annex 1 and the
payment receipt) by one of the following means:

1. ordinary mail or courier to the following address:
Al Magnifico Rettore - Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna
Via Zamboni 33 - 40126 Bologna - Italy

In such a case it is mandatory to indicate on the envelope: "Selezione per
l'ammissione al Dottorato di Ricerca XXVI ciclo";


2. in person (or by proxy) to ARIC - Settore Dottorato, Via Belle Arti 42, 40126
Bologna, open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9,00 until 11,15;
on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 14,30 until 15,30.

The postmark/mailing date will be considered as relevant.

The online application procedure must, however, be concluded and submitted
together with the payment on or before the deadline of the present announcement.

Any integration to application can be handed in or sent by the same means not
later than the deadline of the announcement.

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna is not liable for loss of
communication due to wrong address details provided by the candidates or to
inefficiency of mail service or third party or other unavoidable circumstances.

Competitions are based on examination and/or on qualifications' evaluation.
In order to participate in the competition, candidates must show proof of their
identity with a valid ID either at venue and date or through videoconference
facilities, as indicated in each Research Doctorate table.

Candidates permanently residing abroad and willing to take the oral exam by
videoconferencing over Skype (through webcam) must provide the Selection
Committee with their own registered Skype contact/name. In such a case, they
must previously verify that this option is available for the doctoral course
they are interested in.

Where foreseen, examinations can also be taken in another language, different
from Italian. Candidates must check if such option is provided in the doctoral
course of interest (see Research Doctorate table).

Candidates with disabilities can make an explicit reference to their handicap to
require special assistance and, if necessary, extra time for the examination,
according to the Italian Law 104/1992 and its integrations (Law 17/2009). In
this respect, personal data will be protected and treated with discretion
according to the Italian D.L. 196/2003.

Selection Committee and ranking lists
The Selection Committee is made of three members selected among University
professors and researchers and may include up to two experts from both public
and private research institutions. The nomination of experts is mandatory in
case of public or private entities funding doctoral scholarships.
At the end of the evaluation procedure, on the basis of the comparative
assessment of the candidates, each Selection Committee draws up the ranking

Ranking lists will be available on the website: http://www.almawelcome.unibo.it.

Extra-quota positions (posti in sovrannumero)
Extra-quota positions, not exceeding 100% of the ordinary positions, could be
available for:
a) eligible candidates holding a scholarship from the Italian Ministry of
Foreign Affairs or from their own Country institutions;
b) eligible candidates from Countries having a specific inter-governmental
agreement with Italy and a relevant agreement with the Alma Mater Studiorum -
Università di Bologna.

Within seven days from the publication of the ranking list, successful
candidates must enrol following the procedure indicated below:
1. connect to www.almawelcome.unibo.it;
2. click on "English version" on the left;
3. print the enrolment form and attachments, fill in the form;
4. pay the due amount following the same instructions as for the application
procedure (see above).

The enrolment procedure is concluded by handing in the documents listed below in
person (or by proxy) to ARIC – Settore Dottorato:
a) enrolment application form and its attachments;
b) copy of a valid identity card;
c) payment receipt;
d) 2 passport-sized photos;
e) a valid residence permit (only for non-EU citizens) or copy of the request to
the Police Headquarter-Immigration Office

Students who do not complete their enrolment within the deadline will
automatically be considered as withdrawn.

In order to enrol, candidates holding a foreign academic qualification must
provide the legalised original copy of their degree together with the official
translation, issued by the relevant Italian diplomatic authorities
(Embassies/Consulates) in the Country where such degree was obtained

Candidates who renounce to enrol must send a written communication with a copy
of a valid identity card as soon as possible, preferably via fax to +39 051
2094649. The vacant positions will be assigned to other eligible candidates
according to the ranking list.

The enrolment in a research doctoral course is incompatible with the enrolment
in any other doctoral course, academic course, specialisation school and
master's course, either in Italy or abroad, as indicated in the national and
internal Regulation of Research Doctorate.

Payment for course admission
Students receiving a scholarship from Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di
Bologna and foreign students receiving support from the Italian Ministry of
Foreign Affairs are exempted from the payment of the tuition fees. Only a
contribution of € 37,08 is due.
The tuition fees for all the other students will be € 606,08 per year.

The number of scholarships to be assigned can be increased only in case new
financial support is made available before the beginning of the activities.
Scholarships are assigned according to the ranking list drawn up by the
Selection Committee. The yearly gross amount is € 13.638,47. Such amount can be
increased by 50% for stages abroad lasting minimum one month and maximum 18
The scholarships are paid in monthly instalments and are incompatible with other
fellowships and grants, except for those delivered by national or international
bodies to cover research activities during stages abroad.

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna, according to the Italian D.L.
196/2003 ("Codice in materia di protezione dei dati personali") and D.R 271/2009
("Testo unico sulla privacy e sull'utilizzo dei sistemi informatici"), commits
itself to use the personal information provided by the candidate only for
institutional purposes.
In accordance with the above mentioned rules, the participation in the selection
process implies consent that the personal data of the candidate and the
information about examinations will be published on www.almawelcome.unibo.it.

Reference regulations
All matters not included in the present announcement will be governed by the
University executive regulations of research doctorate courses and doctorate
schools in force and the relevant national laws.


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