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[Netherlands] PhD Position in Genetics of Hereditary Gastric Cancer at UMC St Radboud

PhD Position in Genetics of Hereditary Gastric Cancer

Gastric cancer (GC) is the second leading cause of cancer worldwide. Familial aggregation of GC occurs in approximately 10% of the patients who, thus, may suffer from an innate susceptibility. As yet only a minority of patients at risk for hereditary GC can be identified and in more than 70% of these patients the underlying cause remains unknown. Identification of novel genetic defects will have major consequences for pre-symptomatic screening, genetic counselling and pre-symptomatic intervention of the patients and their relatives at risk.

Aim of this project is to identify the genetic defects underlying unexplained familial GCs through next-generation exome sequencing and (ultra) high-resolution genome and methylome profiling. In addition, structural and functional characterization of the newly identified GC predisposing genes and/or genomic anomalies in relation to the etiology of colorectal cancer will be performed using molecular and cell biological assays.

The project will be carried out at the department of Human Genetics and represents an interdisciplinary effort between strongly collaborating clinical, diagnostic and basic research groups of this department and the department of Pathology.

The candidate:
1. will apply the latest technologies in genomics including next-generation sequencing, array comparative genomic hybridization, multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification and high-throughput methylation analysis
2. will investigate for all newly discovered genetic defects its co-segregation within affected families, its mutation status in the tumors and its prevalence in large patient cohorts
3. will perform functional studies to reveal the role of newly identified candidate genes in tumor initiation and progression

Job requirements
- masters (MSc) or PhD in molecular biology/genetics, medical biology or biochemistry
- strongly motivated to perform scientific research
- experience in molecular biology or molecular genetics
- affinity with data analysis

Prof.Dr. N. Hoogerbrugge or Prof.Dr. A. Geurts van Kessel
Department of Human Genetics, RUNMC
e:; or

Prof.dr. J.H. van
Department of Pathology, RUNMC

Please send your application to Prof. Dr. N. Hoogerbrugge


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