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[UK] 10 PhD Scholarships in Engineering at Swansea University


This scholarship is in honour of the late Professor Olgierd (Olek) Cecil Zienkiewicz, CBE, FREng, FRS. He joined Swansea University in 1961 as Head of the Department of Civil Engineering and was latterly Emeritus Professor of the University. He was an exceptional British Civil Engineer and Scientist who was widely regarded as the `Father of the Finite Element Method`, a computational modelling technique that allows engineers to design ever more challenging structures, aeroplanes or other components and processes with minimal use of expensive experimental testing. The highly prestigious Zienkiewicz Scholarships are only available to International students and reserved only for top calibre students (minimum of a First Class Honours Degree equivalent, IELTS at 7.0 or equivalent and ideally a Masters Degree and/or experience) and awards will be allocated on a competitive basis.

Scholarships are available across the School of Engineering, in particular computational engineering/numerical analysis/scientific computing related subjects include:

Biomedical Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Computational Electromagnetics
Design Optimisation Technologies
Engineering Dynamics and Smart Structures
Environmental Modelling
Inverse Problems and Imaging
Mesh Generation and Adaptivity
Multifracturing Solids and Particulate Media
Multi-Physics and Fluid Structure Interaction Modelling

For further details, including a list of possible PhD titles and abstracts in computational engineering/numerical analysis/scientific computing related subjects, see



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