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Taiwan Scholarship 2010 2011



Jika anda yang sedang mencari informasi Taiwan Scholarship 2010 2011, maka Beasiswa akan menyampaikan tentang Taiwan Scholarship 2010 2011 seperti dibawah ini:

Taiwan Scholarship 2010 2011


The new prospectus for fall 2010, including admission and scholarship application, is available now for download here. The information has been announced as well here. Please note that application should be submitted by the end of May. The required materials for admission application are as follows:

1. Two application forms attached with a 2-inch recent photo.

2. One copy of the highest-level diploma (enclosed with a Chinese or an English translation of the diploma).

3. One official transcript (in English or Chinese) from the school you have attended.

4. Two letters of recommendation.

5. One study plan

6. One health certificate issued within the last six months (attached HIV certification).

7. One copy of passport.

8. An original bank statement issued within six months clearly stating a balance.

9. The receipt of application fee US$20.

10. English or Chinese proficiency certificate

Asia University offers degree programs conducted in either English or Chinese. Applicants selecting programs taught in Chinese must submit Chinese proficiency certificate; whereas English proficiency certificate must be provided if applicants select programs taught in English. Language proficiency is necessary to demonstrate adequate listening, reading, speaking, and writing ability at a certain level for university academic pursuit. A minimum score of paper-based TOEFL 450 or equivalent is required; whereas HSK Level 6 or equivalent is the minimum level in Chinese proficiency. An exemption for English proficiency certificate may be granted if applicants have earned a diploma or degree in an English-speaking country. Applicants who have received admission should submit one copy of their diploma and transcript verified (with official stamp/seal) by Taiwan Embassy, Consulate, or Taipei Economic & Culture Office (TECO) located in the country in which applicants reside.

Students may apply for scholarships provided by Taiwan government, such as Taiwan scholarship. Detail information can be found at http://english.moe.gov.tw. Moreover, Asia University provides a limited number of scholarships each year for talented students from other countries. All applicants may have an opportunity to compete for scholarship provided by Asia University, depending on the qualification of applicants, program admitted, and funding available. Applicants who have received other scholarships are not eligible to apply.

Ÿ Taiwan Scholarship offers monthly stipend of NT$30,000 (approximately US$882). After receiving an admission letter from Asia University, completed documents must be sent by the end of March to the nearest Taiwan Embassy or Representative Office located in the country that applicants reside.

Ÿ Full Scholarship includes tuition waiver, dormitory fee waiver, and monthly stipend of NT$6,000 (approximately US$176).

Ÿ Tuition Waiver Scholarship offers full tuition waiver.

Ÿ Half-Tuition Waiver Scholarship offers 50% tuition waiver.

To apply for scholarship provided by Asia University, a completed form with all required application materials must be sent to the Center for International Academic Exchange. Awarded students in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral programs are supported for at most four, two, and three years, respectively. An average score of less than 75 and 80 in previous academic year for undergraduate and graduate students, respectively, will result in disqualification of receiving scholarship. Tuition waiver includes student safety insurance, computer and internet fee, and English listening classroom fee.

Should you have any questions regarding admission application, please check the Q&A on our website or contact me directly. We highly appreciate your support and contribution, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Jennifer Huang

Administrative Staff

Center for International Academic Exchange

Email: ciae@asia.edu.tw

Phone: +886-4-23323456 ext. 6278

Fax: +886-23394140

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