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mengulang kelas di SMU

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> pertanyaan saya:
> 1.apa yang harus saya lakukan skarang?

What choices do you have? You didn't mention any options
in your post. I guess you can repeat your grade and

> 2.apa ada alternatif untuk mengejar ketinggalan 1 tahun dari tman2 saya lainnya agar saya lulus bersama tman2 saya?

Yes, you can try moving to a less prestigious school and
bribe a school official to let you not repeat your grade,
but you said that you wanted to not be dishonest, which
I think is very honorable.

> 3.apa yg harus saya ubah dari diri saya yg skarang?

I don't think anybody can tell you how you should change,
you didn't say why you received the poor grades in the
final exams. I guess that generically I can give you
the advice that you should figure out why you did very
poorly in he final exams and find a way to overcome those

> 4.saya tidak tau bgmn menghadapi smua org yang keheranan dan bertanya2 nanti pada hari masuk skolah, apa yg harus saya lakukan?

Honestly, in the long term, the only really bad outcome
is in terms of opportunistic cost. By the time you have
an established career not many people will care whether it
took you an extra year to finish high school or not.

Although I'm sure that it really sucks for you right now
since all your friends know that you have to repeat your

So keep things in perspective and focus on moving forward.

> 5.apa beasiswa untuk S1 juga mempertimbangkan si pndaftar pernah tidak naik dsb?

It depends on the source, and the evaluation procedure.
Scholarships based on academic achievement will be based
on your transcripts, so yes, it will matter that you had
poor grades. The grades (nilai) matter more than the fact
that you had to repeat your grade (kelas).

Some other scholarships are based on special accomplishments,
such as sporting performance, artistic performance, etc. and
these do not depend as much on transcripts and grades (nilai).

Sorry, I speak/write Indonesian very poorly.

> Trimakasih sebelumnya untuk kakak2 yg bersedia membalas di milis atau di e-mail saya.
> Saya capek skali bertemu org2 yang terkejut dan keheranan kenapa saya bisa mengulang kelas lagi...bgmnpun saya juga sama dengan mereka yang bisa melakukan kesalahan ataupun mengulang kelas, bukan?

Well, the best plan is to move forward, do well in life, and
then people will stop being so negative.

Sorry to be terse, but if you read your post again you'll
realize that you didn't describe any options or any reasons
for your poor performance in the final exams.


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