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Seminar Invitation: "Poland's Transition towards Democracy and Free Market Economy"



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Seminar Invitation: "Poland's Transition towards Democracy and Free Market Economy"

Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia


Embassy of the Republic of Poland

cordially invite you
to a Seminar:

Poland's Transition towards
Democracy and Free Market Economy

Auditorium FEUI
The A Building, 2nd Floor,
Campus UI Depok
Wednesday, June 10,
09.00 – 12.30

Free Registration, Snack, and Lunch


08.30 – 09.00 : Registration
09.00 – 09.05 :
Opening by MC
09.05 – 09.15 :
Opening Speech by Dean of FEUI, Mr. Firmanzah, PhD
09.15 – 09.25 :
Keynote Speech by H.E. Ambassador of Poland , Tomasz Lukaszuk
09.25 – 12.00 :
Seminar and Discussion

09.25 –
09.30 : Introduction by Moderator
09.30 –
09.55 : Presentation by Mr. Damian Irzyk from the Embassy of
Poland ; "Two Decades of Economic Transformation in Poland "
09.55 –
10.10 : 1st Discussant, Muliadi Widjaja, PhD (Lecturer, Graduate
Program in
Economics, FEUI), "Institutional Change and
1 10.10 –
10.25 : 2nd Discussant, Dr. Margareth Gfrerer (FEUI) "Social Market
Economy, Experiences from Poland 's
Neighboring Countries"
10.25 –
11.45 : Q & A

11.45 – 12.00 :
Souvenir Exchange, Closing by MC, and Photo Session
12.00 :

On June 4, 2009, Poland
is celebrating the twentieth anniversary of its first democratic election that
was occurred after series of Round-Table talks and a decade of Solidarity movements
led by a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa. The historic moment 20 years
ago marked the so-called negotiated-revolution in Poland
that soon spilled-over across neighboring countries and precipitated the fall
of the entire Communist bloc in the Central and Eastern Europe,
including the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Poland was then begun to
fundamentally transform itself into a democratic society and a free market

According to Leszek Balcerowicz (the former Finance Minister and Chairman of the National Bank of Poland who
was famous in implementing shock therapy program in 1990s), the economic
transformation includes three basic elements: (1) macroeconomic stabilization;
(2) microeconomic liberalization; and (3) radical institutional reconstruction.
Generally speaking, the economic transformation in Poland and in East Central Europe has proved a much longer and more painful process than initially expected.
Nevertheless, after 20 years Poland 's
economy has become a viable market economy and democracy and a valuable member
of the world's strongest single market: the European Union. Poland is now well-known as one of the best
performing countries among the transition economies.

In recalling the historic events,
the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Jakarta in cooperation with Faculty of
Economics, Universitas Indonesia, presents a Seminar that will explore in more
detail about the above economic transformation process. To give a more
comprehensive picture, the seminar will also explore the lessons learned from
the process and experiences from Poland 's neighboring countries.

Asty/Sita (FEUI): 021-7272425. Ext. 126
Joko (Embassy of Poland): 021-2525938-40

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