Kamis, 04 Juni 2009

Open PhD student positions at UPC, Barcelona, Spain


From: Manel Guerrero Zapata <guerrero@ac.upc.edu>

The CompNet research group is looking for PhD students with a MSc on computer science or electrical engineering from a renowned university of the European Union and with a very good grade record that are interested in sensor networks. If you don't fulfill this requisites, please, abstain to contact us.

Possible PhD topics include: Security, routing and battery-aware schemes in sensor networks and multimedia sensor networks.

The members of our group have published several leading papers in the area of security in wireless networks including the SAODV protocol and a position paper about the future of security in wireless multimedia sensor networks.

Prospective students send your CV, student record and cover letter to this e-mail address (<guerrero@ac.upc.edu>) with a subject that begins with "[PhD2009]".

Accepted PhD students will have to apply to the university and governmental scholarships.

Best regards,

Manel Guerrero-Zapata

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